Reach new customers, grow your business, build your brand

Direct mail your best offer to thousands of targeted local customers
at an affordable rate and gain new customers, retain existing
ones and build your name recognition and business.

Get more control over where your ads are delivered:
Other coupon books force you to target larger areas and have higher minimums.
With Your Neighborhood Coupons, you can choose to target just the cities where your customers live.


Because Your Neighborhood Coupons divides the Chicagoland suburban area into 28 mailing zones, you get more control over where your advertisement is delivered. You can deliver your offers into one zone, two zones, five zones, 10 zones or all twenty-eight. You get flexible and affordable ad targeting for your business.


Your Neighborhood Coupons mailings are sent out every six weeks. Because of the coupon booklet format, they are more likely to be held onto and retained. This longer shelf life makes advertising with YN Coupons a better value than newspapers, individual mailers or loose advertisements are.


You get low advertising rates and flexible control over targeting. It costs less than $0.03 cents per address to mail your advertisement to your target customers. Coupon design is even included in your plan! There is no greater value for a local business trying to reach new customers or grow their business in the Chicagoland area.

Reach new customers


Unlike postcards, fliers, newspaper ads or inserts, the Your Neighborhood Coupons book has an average shelf life of 2-4 weeks.

It’s high-quality format and convenient size means it gets held onto for longer. You get a better chance for new customers to view your offer. Fliers and inserts often go straight into the recycling but coupon books are held onto.

Flexible targeting opions

You control where your message is seen

With 28 mailing zones to choose from, you have better control over what cities and areas see your advertising.

Choose to target just a small area or expand your ad into as many communities as you want. With a low minimum buy-in price, and smaller advertising zones than other competitor coupons, you aren’t forced into buying advertising in areas that aren’t important to you.

You get the most control over targeting and the lowest possible price for coupon mailings. Ad design is even included in your pricing. Nowhere else can you target tens of thousands of potential customers for less than $0.03 cents per mailing address.

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